Linux Kernel Homepage

The source of all the goodness that is the Linux Kernel

Red Hill Consulting's Simian: Similarity Analyzer

Authors of the Simian (Similarity Analyzer tool).

Studio501's CloneFinder

A commercial code duplication/refactoring program, pretty inexpensive and has a native GNU/Linux version available to boot.


A cool project dealing with improving Java code, through program analysis.  Kinda of a lint combined with style guidelines.  Most of it also supports C/C++ as well.


Eric Raymond's tool to detect Code Duplication between Source code trees.


Open Source Development Lab.  Group committed to improving the quality of GNU/Linux.  Compile statistics and the like are WAY cool.

Kernel Janitors Project

Project to improve the quality of the Linux Kernel.  A great way to get started in helping out the Linux kernel.


The easiest way to get the latest version of the Linux Kernel.  If you get the version out of the repository it will even track -git releases. Logo